‘Y’all, This Is Why I Love Working From Home’: Customer Service Rep Says She Receives No Calls At Her WFH Job — She Loves It

Within the past few months, work-from-home influencers and TikTokers have been sharing their setup, what their job is like, and what a real day in their life looks like.

In a viral video, TikToker Chantel Tyson (@bbygirlchantel) shared her WFH job where she takes calls that rarely come in.

“Y’all, this is why I love working from home,” she says. “No, it’s not for the money but it might as well be.”

Tyson showed a view of her desk that was composed of food, a hotspot, and her computer. She had been logged in to her shift for over 30 minutes with no calls.

“Still ain’t got no calls yet,” she says in the clip. “Like what?!”

She later revealed in a comment that it had been 43 minutes before she received a call.

In the comments section, users agreed with her sentiment and others offered their own experiences in call services.

“Couldn’t be my company it ring before I clock in,” one user commented.

“I used to sit for 10 hours and get like 10 calls for the day, 20 max,” another said.

“But when them calls is comingggggg woahhhh,” a third user said to which Tyson replied, “Be mad as hell.”

Tyson clarified details of her job in an updated comment after some users believed they worked at the same company.

“Many companies use this phone system. No, we probably do not work for the same company,” she wrote. “I cannot disclose the name of my job online. We aren’t able to.”

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