‘We Don’t Get An Extra Wage. We Don’t Get Tipped. This Is Our Job. You Can Wait’: Former Target Curbside Employee Shares PSA To Customers

A former Target worker calls out curbside pick-up customers for being impatient, sharing what employees have to go through to prepare the order on time in a now-viral TikTok.

In the video posted by TikToker Hannah (@miss_getalife) on Oct. 10, she stitches a video of another user who asks, “what the fuck did you guys do to the curbside delivery people?” The video’s text overlay reads, “Who traumatized the curbside delivery workers?????”

“The number one problem we have with you bitches, is you never say you’re on your fucking way,” Hannah says, prefacing that she used to work curbside at Target. “Becky, if you’re at home and you’re 20 minutes away, say, ‘I’m on my way,’ so we can get your shit out to you on fucking time.”

Hannah continues to explain that curbside customers are often “rude as hell” when their orders aren’t ready upon their arrival.

“We don’t get an extra wage. We don’t get tipped. This is our job. You can wait,” Hannah says. “We have hundreds, if not thousands, of orders. So no, your order is not ready to go. It’s not like that.”

She explains that when customers don’t say they’re “on [their] way,” workers have to rush to put together an order in “under two minutes.”

The video has garnered over 108,000 views as of Wednesday, with other workers sharing their experience working curbside delivery in the comments.

“This man once got mad at me bc he placed his order 10 MINS ago and it wasn’t ready but he found his item right on the shelf like sir??” one user wrote.

“Curbside isn’t for the weak, not only do you have to deal with rude customers inside the store you have to deal with them at the curb too,” another said.

In a follow-up video, Hannah explains the process of putting together a curbside order, highlighting the importance of notifying the workers through the store’s app. She says the store has a “wall filled with cubbies” where employees pick up numbered bags to fill with the curbside order items as they scan them.

“You’ll keep repeating that until the order is over. When we get a little ‘beep beep,’ that says that you have arrived and then the timer starts that will count how long it took you to deliver that order,” she says. “We have to scan everything again, and then we put it in your car, get that code from you, and then slide over to say that the order has been completed.”

At the end of the clip, Hannah encourages customers to “just be patient” while workers assemble and bring out their curbside orders.

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