‘Get The F**k Out Of Here. Your Guys’ Truck Has AC’: UPS Driver Calls Out Amazon Driver Who Complained About Heat

A UPS driver went viral on TikTok after calling out an Amazon driver who complained about the heat—despite having air-conditioned delivery vans.

The video only features @sports_junkie_, covered in sweat in their UPS uniform and hat. The TikToker recounts their experience with an Amazon driver complaining about the heat.

“I just had an Amazon driver tell me, ‘it’s hot as hell out here, bro,’” they say in the clip. “Bro, get the fuck out of here. Your guys’ truck has AC. Come on, man.”

The video has racked up over 89,000 views as of Wednesday with viewers commending @sports_junkie_ for doing their job in the heat.

“Yes we do have AC in our Amazon-vans. Props to you fedex drivers and UPS driving in the heat !! You the real ones!” one viewer praised.

“That’s [100% emoji].. UPS and FedEx drivers do be out there with no AC. Be careful out there though. I dehydrated bad one year when I drove for FedEx,” a second agreed.

Others took issue with @sports_junkie_ criticizing Amazon drivers for complaining about the heat.

“Doesn’t change the fact that it’s hot as hell out there,” one person said.

“Even with Air-conditioning after being in the heat for a few hours. You can’t even feel the Air hit your skin,” a second agreed.

“maybe the vans but I drive the trucks like you and I work for Amazon there’s no AC just fans,” a third wrote.

In a past article from The Daily Dot, UPS shared in a statement why the trucks don’t have air conditioning because the delivery trucks make “frequent stops” thus, making it “ineffective.”

“UPS drivers are trained to work outdoors and for the effects of hot weather. … We never want our employees to continue working to the point that they risk their health or work in an unsafe manner,” they claimed.

“We proactively raise awareness of issues surrounding hot weather months through education. Our ‘Cool Solutions’ program focuses on hydration, along with nutrition and proper sleep before working in hotter temperatures. In addition, we provide water and ice for our employees, and we have fans in many of our vehicles.”

In an email to the Daily Dot, a UPS representative claimed that the company has taken additional steps to ensure the safety of its drivers in the heat, including distributing of 260,000 new uniforms with wicking dry-fit shirts and “accelerating” the installation of fans in every UPS small package delivery vehicle in the U.S., in addition to cooling towels.

“As part of this effort to support our drivers, we have provided more than 31 million bottles of water and more than five million electrolyte replacement beverages and freeze pops,” they added. “We also provide employees with ice and fruits with high water content.”

Additionally, the representative said UPS regularly monitors forecasted temperatures and encourages its employees to take regular rest stops and stay hydrated.

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