‘I’m At Lunch’: Tj Maxx Manager Says They Need Backup Cashiers To The Front. Worker Responds

A TikToker says he was at TJ Maxx when an employee clapped back at a manager requesting backup cashiers over the store’s intercom.

The TikToker, named Ryan (@rybrockington), posted a video sharing the story, although he did not share the audio of the employee and manager interaction. His TikTok went viral as of Thursday, with about 197,000 views.

“Y’all, I’m at TJ Maxx, and they just announced they needed backup cashiers Barb and Deedra to the front,” Ryan says in the video. “And then some woman came back up in the intercom and said ‘I’m at lunch.'”

The video’s caption adds, “Barb and/or Deedra are AT LUNCH.”

Viewers chimed in in the video’s comments, guessing whether it was Barb or Deedra who replied on the intercom.

“Deedra knows her worth,” one viewer commented.

“Barb’s like ‘today is not the day,'” a second viewer commented.

A third wrote, “It was Barb for sure.”

Some viewers said they respected the worker for prioritizing their lunch break.

“Ohh heck, lunch is a priority,” one user said.

Another user wrote, “When you’re at lunch, don’t mess with me!”

Another comment read, “They are not cutting my lunch. It’s all I have to live for in retail.”

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