‘The Watcher’ Viewers Livid Over “Horrendous” Ending Are Missing The Point

Since it dropped last week, Netflix viewers have rushed to tune into Ryan Murphy's latest thriller The Watcher.
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However, many of those viewers have also been left disappointed by how the series ends.

Based on real events, the seven-part show stars Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale as a married couple chased out of their dream home by a mysterious stalker.

In the series, we see the Brannock family become the recipients of creepy and threatening letters after they move into a plush New Jersey mansion.

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As the episodes progress, suspicion falls on everyone from their neighbors to their realtor as the couple desperately try to identify who 'The Watcher' terrorizing them is.

Most terrifying of all is the fact that the show is based on the real-life experiences of Derek and Maria Broaddus.
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However, staying true to its source material also forces the series to end without coming to any real conclusions. Just as the Broaddusses never identified their stalker in real life, so the show ends without offering viewers any kind of clue as to who The Watcher really was.

For many viewers, this cliffhanger ending simply didn't cut it. They took to Twitter to bemoan the ending, slamming it as the "worst" they'd ever seen.
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"If you're thinking of watching "the watcher" on Netflix... DON'T. the most underwhelming pointless series I have ever seen. 7 hours of my life I will never get back," one tweeted.

"Just finished The Watcher on Netflix - what a pointless, pointless series. Made absolutely no sense and [the] ending was horrific," slammed another.

A third blasted the show: "If you’re going to start The Watcher on Netflix, don't. Officially the worst ending I’ve ever seen."

"Just finished the last episode of The Watcher on Netflix, was a good show til the last two episodes, terrible ending," a fourth agreed.

"I just finished watching #TheWatcher on Netflix and, despite having a really promising premise, the ending of this show WAS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE," tweeted a fifth, adding: "I haven't been THIS p***ed about investing time in a show and getting this soggy diaper of an ending."

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