‘I Am Not Having A Baja Blast Of A Day After This Experience’: Taco Bell Customer Shares ‘Nightmare’ Experience After Mobile Ordering From Restaurant

A user on TikTok has gone viral after sharing a terrible experience at a local Taco Bell.

In a video with over 47,000 views, TikToker Chloe (@misschloemaam) recounts her experience, which includes long waits, rude staff, and in the end, no food and no refund.

In her telling, Chloe says that she and her mom placed an order at a Taco Bell location via the store’s app.

When they went to pick up the food, it was still not ready. Chloe says she opted to wait, though it seemed little progress was being made on her order (she says mobile orders are usually ready by the time she arrives).

Chloe says she decided to check on the order.

“I’m like, ‘hey, do you know when my order is going to be ready?’” Chloe recalls. “She went back and asked someone, and she comes back and she goes, ‘I’m not sure. Just a really long time.’”

Chloe explains she continued to wait. After a while, she told an employee that she understood that someone may have messed up, or that the restaurant was busier than expected. As a result, she asked to cancel her order and receive a refund.

The Taco Bell employee allegedly refused to issue a refund. They then recommended she try getting a refund by filling out a complaint form on the Taco Bell website.

At this point, Chloe’s mom, who apparently works in customer service, entered the Taco Bell. Chloe says her mom asked for the store to fill up a gift card with the refund amount and told them they would happily leave after they did so. The employee once again refused.

“It was like, $16, but still,” Chloe says.

By the time this occurred, the drive-thru line was empty, though Chloe says the inside customers were still being ignored.

The only option now, Chloe says, was to complain. Chloe’s mom asked to speak to the manager, or at least for the manager’s name. Both requests were refused.

“So we were out of there. So we left: no food, 30 minutes later, and my money’s still gone,” Chloe says.

“I am not having a baja blast of a day after this experience,” she adds in the caption.

In the comments section, users asked Taco Bell for answers, with many sharing their own Taco Bell horror stories.


“Our TB’s drive thru traps you in and one time my spouse got stuck for 2.5 hours, the cars in front would not move,” a second alleged.

“Last time I placed a TB mobile order, went thru drive thru b/c lobby was closed. they threw a bag at me missing half my order and no drink,” another stated. “went back around to be told they didn’t have half the things I ordered and they couldn’t refund me since I used the app.”

“Last time I went to taco bell was when we walked through the dive through because they wouldn’t serve us in the dining room,” another TikTok claimed.

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