‘I Swear I Paid $18:’ Subway Customer’s Video On The ‘$5 Footlong’ Goes Viral

One apparent sign of inflation these days? The cost of a footlong sandwich at Subway.

TikToker @chiefgyk3d used the popular fast-food restaurant as an example in a recent video, suggesting viewers “go to a Subway, go look at how much the cost is for a foot-long tuna.”

He then threw it back to the promotion Subway used to run “when we were children as millennials,” where the franchise boasted the “$5 footlong” in all its commercials.

“Almost double that now,” he wrote.

By 2008, the “$5 footlong” became a staple of Subway stores across the United States, thanks, in part, to the recession. It was phased out by 2012 but briefly returned in other forms a couple of times since then.

But, for the most part, Subway’s footlong sandwiches have continued rising in price along with most things across the country, with fastfoodmenuprices.com listing the specific one @chiefgyk3d mentioned, the Tuna sandwich, at an average of $8.49. The most expensive sandwiches, the Ultimate Steak and the Turkey and Bacon Guacamole footlongs, reportedly top out at $11.49—before additions, substitutions, or sides and a drink.

Viewers shared their own frustrations over dropping some serious coin at what used to be a relatively affordable place to grab a meal.

“Dude I went through subway the other day and I swear I paid $18 for a footlong drink and cookies. it’s insane,” @brandon_r92 wrote.

“Paid 16 for a foot long meatball and a veggie flatbread no chips no drink,” @maskmaker11 claimed.

People also shared experiences they had with other stores that demonstrate how prices have changed over the years, with @thriftstorehacker recalling “the 29 cent hamburger and 39 cent cheese burger promo at McDonald’s” and @momoney421 pointing out that the Hot-N-Ready pizzas at Little Caesars are no longer $5 either.

“Taco Bell was like 12$ for one person,” @rlp19999 added. “I could eat there for 3$ in high school.”

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