‘They Should Be Thankful That You Even Showed Up’: Starbucks Barista Shares What It’s Like To Come To Work On Your Day Off, Sparking Debate

Time and scheduling is a popular topic among service industry employees who share their experiences on TikTok. A recent video posted by a Starbucks employee has sparked continued discussion of being asked to come in to work on days they are not scheduled.

The video posted by Sam (@thatboiodh), who is also a Twitch streamer, shows them entering their workplace to an audio featuring the line, “daddy’s home.” In the overlay text, he wrote: “me coming in after being asked on my day off cuz someone called out.” Sam captioned the clip, “Your welcome.”

The video has been viewed on the platform more than 300,000 times, and several viewers saw it as an opportunity to share their own experiences of being asked to come in to work when they were set to have a day off for themselves.

“No seriously I came in yesterday on my day off from 7-3 and got the audacity to be mad when I wouldn’t stay till 5,” one commenter wrote.

“I’d do it but I’d also cry in the break room,” another commenter wrote.

“I had someone take one of my shifts but couldn’t take it last (minute) so I had to come in,” a commenter wrote.

Others wrote that they usually say no when asked to come in if they haven’t already been scheduled.

“They wanted me to work on my day off from 11-12,” one commenter wrote. “I was like nah I’m not doing that I ain’t had a day off in two weeks.”

“Better than me, I just ignore them calls and messages,” another commenter wrote.

“I just got called in for tomorrow after doing a 6 and then a 7 day week for the past two weeks,” a commenter wrote. “I said no.”

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