‘First Things First, Do You Offer A Senior Citizen Discount?’: Texas Roadhouse Server Shares When They Know They Aren’t Getting A Tip

In a viral video posted Aug. 8, TikToker Gina (@whatsthatmeen) shares an experience as an employee at Texas Roadhouse, claiming that she knows when customers aren’t planning on tipping regardless of the service.

“Do you wanna know how you know that you’re not gonna get a f*cking tip?” she says.

Gina elaborated on her point in the text overlay, “Or at least a really shitty one.”

After approaching an older woman seated at a Texas Roadhouse table, Gina says the woman asked her a series of interesting questions.

“She goes ‘first things first, do you offer a senior citizen discount?’” Gina recalls, to which she explained that they do not offer a discount. “So nothing for AARP?” the lady allegedly asked, which was also a no.

The older woman proceeded to ask Gina if they served soda water and if it was considered a soda.

“Do you charge for it as if it’s soda?” the older woman asked Gina. After saying it is not charged as a soda, the woman said “okay, well go get me one of the soda waters. One of the ones you don’t charge for.”

“And u already know she wanted a bowl of extra limes,” Gina added in the caption.

However, Gina reveals that she did receive a tip on the $19 receipt.

In the comments section, users shared other ways you can tell if one will get a weak tip.

“Usually when they ask me for plastic silverware and to go cups, I know I’m not getting a tip,” one user commented.

“Anytime they ask a price on something/talk about cost in any way,” another said.

“Serving is like Las Vegas, you win some you lose some, it’s the luck of the draw,” a third user stated.

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