‘They’re Willing To Let Me Throw All That Product Away Instead Of Paying Me To Take It Back’: Trucker Says Sam’s Club Told Him To Dispose Of Brand-new Product From Late Delivery

A trucker says that Sam’s Club refused to take his delivery after he was 30 minutes late in a now-viral video, later being instructed by the “shipper” to throw out the “brand new” products instead re-delivering.

In the video posted by TikToker Zeek (@qrtrucking) on Oct. 10, he says that he arrived just 30 minutes late to a scheduled delivery at Sam’s Club on Sunday but was “rejected.” He was told that the earliest he could schedule a re-delivery was Tuesday. In the clip, he shows the back of his truck filled with “brand new” merchandise like diapers and paper towels.

“They said they were not going to unload me and refused to do anything about it. They just told me, ‘Call your dispatcher and figure it out,'” Zeek says.

He says that three hours later, they finally “came to a solution.”

“The shipper told me that if I wasn’t willing to reschedule, just throw everything away and just do whatever I want after that,” he continues. “They’re willing to let me throw all that product away instead of paying me to take it back to the company.”

The video has reached over 1.5 million views as of Oct. 11, with commenters suggesting that he donate the rejected products. Others blasted Sam’s Club for rejecting the order and suggesting that he throw away the products.

“In this economy they’re picking and choosing??? Ah hell naw,” one commenter wrote.

“Man these people just wasting resources acting [like] they’re infinite,” another said.

In a second video, Zeek says that he donated the merchandise to a “local church” that contacted his company. He also clarified that “nobody lost money” due to the rejected delivery.

“I got covered so it’s all good guys,” he says in the clip.

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