Restaurant workers dressed as Power Rangers fend off man who followed and attacked woman

A team of employees at a new restaurant in Oakland, California, turned into real-life superheroes when a woman in need of help entered their restaurant. Luckily, they were already dressed for the part as Power Rangers. Twitter user @ppirapokin recounted the whole incident—which they described as the "craziest" encounter they've witnessed—in a series of tweets that are now going viral on social media. "I'm at a ramen shop owned by Thai people in Oakland dressed as power rangers, when a woman comes rushing in saying she wasn't safe — and a man came running in after her and puts her in a chokehold," they wrote.

The Twitter user then answered the question you're probably pondering right now: Why were the employees dressed as Power Rangers? They explained that the main cocktail served at the restaurant, NōKA Ramen, is a drink called The Noka Rangers. "Once the woman had expressed she wasn’t safe, and she didn’t want to go home with this man who was choke holding her, the black power ranger (the manager with a kicka** bob) and the yellow ranger, told the man to leave," they continued. "He swung at them. This is when all rangers yelled, 'Huey!'"

"'Huey' is the Thai expression of the Cantonese 'Waaah,' the Korean 'Yaaa' and the English, 'The fu**?' & the yellow ranger (who has the sweetest eyes & a sleeve of tats) stood in front of the black ranger & blocked it. Everyone tells the woman to hide in the kitchen," the social media user explained. "The man starts calling everyone Asian slurs & if Bruce Lee was still alive he'd kick everyone's a**es & beelines for the kitchen. YellowRanger grabs him by the collar to drag him out of the restaurant. Man kicks & hurls punches. A white guy yells: 'Do you want to go to jail?'"

Describing the chaotic scene, they tweeted: "We're trying to call the cops. Patrons are shaking and crying. The pink power ranger (hostess) tells us our food is free. The man goes outside, starts picking up chairs, baby seats & salt + pepper shakers to throw at the windows. I, for some reason, start wolfing down my ramen. Man comes back with a friend (or another person bugging on the street) to try & fight the power rangers. It’s been half an hour & the police still haven't shown up, despite everyone calling. My friend receives an AirDrop request to accept photos & she's like, 'The fu** not!'"

@ppirapokin revealed that the police eventually arrived at the scene. "I thank all the rangers for their time. The Green one said: 'We're beta testing these costumes, but we wore the right outfit tonight.' Black Power Ranger Manager of the Year with kicka** bob says: 'I'm a power ranger with absolutely no power.' We chuckle as more Thai people show up. Presumably the owner of the restaurant. There's no sense, moral or meaning to this story, except that I can't believe power rangers are actually Thai? I'm grateful no guns were involved. And the food at Noka Ramen was excellent," they concluded.

The restaurant later shared the viral thread on its Instagram page alongside a picture of eight employees flaunting their Power Rangers costumes. "Our NōKA Rangers were real-life heroes last night when an incident occurred," the caption read. "Like our heroic namesakes, it's not just the powers and costumes that give us strength. It's who and what we are inside that empowers us."

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