‘Sometimes I Forget Anything Exists Beyond These Walls’: Work-From-home Employee Reacts To Going Outside For The First Time In Three Days

Remote work has slowly become the new normal. Since the pandemic, 58.6% of workers in the United States are working remotely, per North One. However, while many employees advocate for remote work, some argue there are negatives to working remotely, like feeling isolated or never leaving the house. One TikToker went viral for the latter, where she shared the relatable feeling of leaving the house for the first time in three days after working remotely.

The eight-second clip features Avery Morris (@averyncmm) as she walks outside of her house. The text overlay explains the confusion on her face, reading, “remote workers going outside for the first time in three days.” In the clip, she looks around, seemingly confused, and heads back inside.

The video amassed over 68,000 views since it was posted on Oct. 12, with many remote workers agreeing with Morris about working from home.

“Yes I’m like a hobbit. I just scurry outside to grab my DoorDash and packages and I’m back inside,” one viewer said.

“Yupp. I go outside maybe 2x a week lol,” a second wrote.

“I swear I don’t leave my house until Friday at 5 for my weekly target trip to reward myself,” another stated.

Others shared how they lose track of time due to remote work.

“Last week I realized on Thursday the last time I was outside was Sunday pm,” one person commented.

“I do not be knowing what the temp is like at ALL,” a second said.

“Every time I drive my car it feels like the first time because it’s been days lol,” another wrote.

“Sometimes I forget anything exists beyond these walls,” one user confessed.

There were people who said how they try to find any reason to leave the house.

“I literally bought a Regal Movie Pass so I have a reason to leave the house on week days,” one shared.

“Used to just walk to my mailbox for some sun,” a second claimed.

“I only go outside once on the weekends. Even that is too much,” a third stated.

“If I didn’t have a dog I wouldn’t have seen the outside world for months on end,” another commented.

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