‘What Are You Doing?!’: Pizza Hut Worker Blasts Customer Who Ordered Supreme Pizza With No Toppings, Sparking Debate

Move over, ‘none pizza with left beef’ — there’s a new ridiculous pizza order making its way across the internet.

In a video with over 62,000 views, TikTok user @alank97_ shows a customer’s Pizza Hut order. The order is for a Supreme Pizza minus all of the toppings. In their place, the customer has opted for pineapple on one half of the pizza.

“Come on, bro. How are you going to get a fucking Supreme Pizza…and you’re gonna take all the toppings off and just get half pineapple?” the TikToker asks. “What are you doing?”

In the comments section, users shared their theories as to how this may have happened.

“He’s gotta just be messing with you, I hope,” wrote one user.

“Most likely got a better price,” speculated another. “I would see that all the time when I worked there.”

The creator responded that this explanation made sense and that he was just “being extra for the video.”

“I’ve been seeing other comments like this one and I’m fully aware and actually have no problem with it,” he explained.

Other users shared seemingly ridiculous orders from their own time working in fast food.

“Had a person order a supreme deep dish which costs roughly 15bucks, just to order it with no toppings no sauce no cheese,” recalled a commenter. “it was just bread.”

“Had someone order a chicken fajita no sauce no peppers no onions no seasoning,” another claimed. “I just cut two 8oz chicken put it in a box they payed 20$ for that.”

“I’ve had a customer ask us to cook the pizza 3x,” one user offered. “It was burn but they kept getting it for almost a year.”

According to other users and alleged current and former Pizza Hut employees, orders like these are fairly common.

“Bruh when I worked at Pizza Hut that is exactly the bs people would pull,” stated a commenter.

“I work at Pizza Hut and this isn’t even the worst I have to deal with,” another TikToker agreed.

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