Social Media Sends Warning To People Dressing Up As Jeffrey Dahmer For Halloween

Earlier this month, people took to social media to warn others against dressing up as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween.
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However, it looks like their pleas fell on deaf ears. People have already begun sharing snaps of their Dahmer costumes online, after Netflix's true crime series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story saw a surge of interest in the cannibalistic murderer who came to be known as the Milwaukee Monster.
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Some people - like Polish makeup artist and model Noemi - have taken a frighteningly realistic approach to the costume. She shared a snap of her impressively accurate transformation into the killer to Instagram alongside the caption: "JEFFREY DAHMER, Halloween series 2".

Others focused on emulating Dahmer's round spectacles and tucked-in shirt look. One Twitter user shared a snap of their son in Dahmer-style specs, writing: "Kid says he’s going as Dahmer for Halloween."

Another tweeted a polaroid photo of themself in full Dahmer drag, captioned: "Dahmer costume."

They even sought to justify their outfit, writing: "He's a s***ty human being but Halloween costumes should be scary, don't they?!"

Meanwhile, one girl stood by her Dahmer costume from last year - even after it was deleted. "Posting me as Dahmer again because it got deleted," they wrote, adding: "I worked too hard to be censored!"

However, anyone planning on going as the serial killer for Halloween is almost guaranteed to face some backlash. For many people, dressing up as Dahmer - who killed 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991 - is disrespectful to his victims.
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"The constant lack of remorse for Dahmer's victims on social media makes me believe many people are going dress as Jeffery Dahmer and his victims for Halloween and that is so sick," one person tweeted.

"If anyone comes to my door dressed as f***ing Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween this year I’m calling the police. Ya’ll are glorifying a REAL DUDE that was a sex offender of minors, serial killer, and cannibal," another wrote.

"You’re legally allowed to dropkick any kids dressed as Jeffery Dahmer for Halloween this year," added a third, while a fourth asked: "Can we all agree to rush anyone with a Dahmer costume for Halloween?"

Meanwhile, trick-or-treaters aren't the only people running with the Dahmer theme this Halloween.

A nightclub in Aix, France, has announced that they're throwing a serial killer-themed bash this October titled "Dahmer is back."

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