‘Best Decision Ever Made’: Marriott Front-desk Worker Shares Why Overnight Shifts At The Hotel Are The Best

A hotel worker’s video highlighting the reasons why she loves her job at Marriott has some viewers joining in to hype it up.

Posted by user @kvisha.aa, the video shows her at work at a Marriott hotel as an overnight desk employee, which comes with benefits, namely that there are few guests to assist and plenty of snacks available.

“Best decision ever made,” she added in the caption.

Many other viewers who have had similar jobs shared their own reasons for loving their work.

“Night audit is the EASIEST shift ever and you don’t have to deal with nobody,” one commenter wrote.

“Def one of my favorite jobs!” another commenter said. “Only thing I hated was passing out invoices before they woke up. Always felt like it was ghosts in the halls”

“Night auditor here,” a viewer wrote. “It’s literally the best job ever.”

However, some former night auditors and desk employees shared parts of the job they would like to see improvement in.

“As much as I loved working at a hotel you need to work holidays too,” a viewer wrote.

“I’d do it if it paid a livable wage but they be talking about $10 an hour ma’am,” another commenter said.

“It was easy but management is what made it difficult and the location was dangerous I wouldn’t do it again even if you paid me,” another shared.

Others who were in the know also joked about the software system used by the hotel, known as FOSSE.

“I still think the FOSSE software is like playing an 80s video game,” one commenter wrote.

“Seeing that they still use FOSSE gives me PTSD,” another agreed.

“It’s the FOSSE for me,” one user echoed.

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