‘No Amount Is Too Much!’: Subway Worker Has PSA For Customers Who Order Online After Customer Gets Upset Over Number Of Olives On Sandwich

A Subway employee has a PSA to customers who place their orders online: Be careful what you ask for.

In a recent TikTok, user @gloomboyseasxn, an alleged Subway employee, claims they took a customer’s request for extra olives to the extreme. Their video has over 291,000 views.

A green screen showing the customer’s receipt in the background of gloomboyseasxn’s TikTok reveals someone’s “special instructions” for their order. In it, they request olives—lots and lots of them.

“Please lots of black olives on the CBR. No amount is too much! Thank you [you’re] awesome!” the note reads.

The worker says they took the customers’ request seriously—and showed viewers a photo of a mound of black olives on the sandwich in question.

“You can’t say some shit to me about this,” @gloomboyseasxn says in their TikTok. “You can’t tell me ‘no amount is too much,’ because I’m gonna do some bullshit like this. And then when you get mad that there’s too much, then what?”

It wasn’t actually clear from the video whether the customer complained or got angry, however. Subway’s online ordering system—and accompanying app—allows customers to order their food for pick-up, but it appears that it’s up to employees’ discretion how seriously they want to take customer’s requests.

For what it’s worth, olive-lovers who viewed @gloomboyseasxn’s video weren’t upset.

“No, because that’s the amount I mean when I say extra olives,” reads one comment with over 1,800 likes.

“That’s the correct amount,” a second user wrote.

“Omg I’d be so happy. I always ask for extra pickles and mayo and they do the regular amount,” says a third commenter. To this last one, @gloomboyseasxn responded: “Come in one night I’ll hook u up.”

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