Oklahoma Dad Dies 2 Times At Work Before Waking Up And Telling His Parents, 'I Just Saw Jesus'

In March of 2017, Micah Calloway's life was forever changed. Micah — a father of two with another baby on the way — started his workday like any other. He and a few of his coworkers were tasked with taking down a light pole in Oklahoma City. Micah works with the local electric company, and the job can pose myriad risks.
He remembers the day as being particularly windy and humid, conditions that may have contributed to the tragic accident about to occur.

Micah was holding on to the light pole, which was attached to a crane, when a gust of wind shifted it over to a live power line.

For several terrifying seconds, Micah was stuck to the pole and unable to free his grip. He realized he was in the process of being electrocuted before falling unconscious.

Micah went into cardiac arrest and says the electrocution literally killed him — not once but two times in a row. Paramedics said he was "out" for nearly four whole minutes.

Micah was rushed to the hospital, but it would be another 32 hours before he woke up again. The second he opened his eyes, KFOR reports that he saw his worried parents standing at his bedside.

"I just saw Jesus, Mom and Dad." It was the first thing that came out of his mouth before he described his otherworldly encounter.

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