Mom dressed in school uniform hilariously rocks out with son who didn't want to go to class

A mom from Uganda is going viral on social media after sharing the lengths she had to go to in order to convince her son to go to school. Julie Underwood Sharon, an actress and fashion designer, took to TikTok in May to post a hilarious video of herself rocking out with her young son, who apparently didn't want to attend class that day. Twinning with the little boy in a matching school uniform, socks and even a small backpack, Sharon danced her heart out to try to cheer up her son.
The video captioned "When he doesn't want to go to school" has been viewed more than 4.4 million times since being shared on the popular social media platform. Thousands of TikTok users commented on the short clip, with many remarking how entertaining and low-key addictive the video is. "Somebody tell me to stop watching the video otherwise I have lost count of the number of times I have watched it," wrote TikTok user Agnenso2013 while another named KholoM commented: "The next day he will be the first to wake up. Pretty mom."

"Can someone please drain my phone battery... I'm hooked and can't stop watching," revealed TikTok user xalatetsutsa, while someone named Mrs Wamani Daphine Matte wrote: "There is a meeting for everyone who watched more than 20 times." Sign me up, please. Meanwhile, some TikTok users commented on how mothers have to sometimes bend over backward to get their little ones to do things. "I can't get enough of this... Naye Juliet... You are one of the best mothers," wrote Lydiablessed. "You have to go through all of this so that he can go to school, wow," remarked userfaith263.

"That's what they call giving morale to your children," reflected Dyazi kujji even as MillyKokonya shared how they were able to relate to what Sharon had to do. "I relate. I still can't believe the way life changes when you give birth. The things we have to do to make these kids do things, wah," they wrote. While many found themselves thoroughly entertained by Sharon's amusing dance moves and others praised the mother for her commitment to riding out the ups and downs of parenting with a positive spirit, some eagle-eyed TikTok users were quick to note that her shorts may have become collateral damage in the process of cheering up the young boy.

Speaking of hysterical mom moments, we're reminded of the mom-of-four who shared one of the most hilarious mom fails ever during the pandemic when she dressed her toddler in an inappropriate T-shirt for school picture day. Paige Ward from Oklahoma was so utterly exhausted after a 60-hour week at her job at an urgent care clinic that she sent her then 2-year-old daughter, Emma, to school on picture day in the first thing she grabbed out of her closet. As it turned out, the first thing she grabbed turned out to be a funny T-shirt that read "sasshole."

To make things worse, the unfortunate folds on her T-shirt while taking the photo hid the first "S" in "Sasshole," making it appear an incredibly inappropriate outfit choice for a toddler. Although Ward understandably freaked out for a moment upon seeing the pictures, once the initial shock wore off, she realized that in a way, the pictures were very on-brand for 2020. "The entire time I was dying laughing because it just fits Emma's personality and 2020 so well," she said.

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