‘Let’s See The Video Before It Showed Only One Side’: McDonald’s Worker Allegedly Throws Drink On Customer After She Asks For Sauce, Sparking Debate

A video appearing to show a McDonald’s employee throwing a cup of water at a customer over an apparent dispute about sauces went viral after being shared to TikTok.

In a video with over 54,000 views, user Kaileigh (@kaileighhm) shows an argument already underway.

“So, I can’t have sauce?” Kaileigh asks.

The employee appears angry.

“Yeah! You don’t like it, huh? You’re going to throw water on me?” Kaileigh continues.

The employee then throws water on Kaileigh. Kaileigh gives a thumbs up and makes a reference to calling the police, which it seems the employee threatened to do prior to the start of the recording.

“Pro tip: @McDonald’s employees don’t like giving sauce,” Kaileigh wrote in the caption.

At first, some expressed outrage at what was visible in the video.

“I swear the workers act like it comes out of their pockets,” one user wrote about the sauce.

“Please tell me she got fired,” added another.

“Bruh the way I woulda busted that window,” claimed another.

However, others thought that there was more to the story that Kaileigh didn’t show.

“Let’s see the video before it showed only one side,” stated a commenter.

“I feel the ol more to the story about this one,” agreed a second.

To these comments, many users responded that, even if Kaileigh provoked the employee in some way prior to the video’s start, the employee’s response was not justified.

“It doesn’t matter the employee of a restaurant [threw] something at a customer,” noted a commenter. “That’s cause for being fired no matter what the other person did.”

“Still theres no reason why the worker should be throwing anything at the customers,” echoed a further TikToker.

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