‘These Damn Happy Meals Are Getting On My Freakin’ Nerves’: McDonald’s Employee Complains About A Surge In Customers After Release Of Adult Happy Meals

> TikToker and McDonald’s employee Tami Mae Haddock (@tamimaehaddock) went viral on the popular social media platform after she expressed her dislike for preparing the new McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal.

If you grew up frequenting the popular fast-food burger chain then you probably remember hoping that your parents would fork over the cash to get you a happy meal, which not only came with its own personal, fun takeaway box, its own “kid-sized” portions of food, but a special toy as well.

The adult version of the popular throwback item follows the same concept, albeit with more food and some toys from Cactus Plant Flea Market. Technically, they’re figurines designed by the artistic brand in collaboration with McDonald’s, which features their Cactus Buddy! character, along with Hamburglar, Birdie, and The Grimace.

Customers can either order their Cactus Plant Flea Market box with either 10-piece nuggets, fries, and a fountain drink, or a Big Mac, fries, and a drink. Of course, it comes in its own box (just like the kids’ version) along with a toy.

But there are a number of employees, like Haddock, who don’t seem too thrilled with fulfilling Adult Happy Meal orders, as they appear to be a real hit with patrons. The chain has been selling a lot of these boxes and it looks like the stress is getting to workers, Haddock included.

She says in the video, “I don’t know if people got they damn tax check or what but they be coming through fucking McDonald’s like they going out of fucking style. And these damn happy meals are getting on my freaking nerves. But I love my job though.”

Haddock adds in the comments section that her store sold out of the meals repeatedly.

Why are so many people ordering the meals in droves? Is it because folks are attempting to cash in on the nostalgia they had as a child after they were surprised by the vaunted culinary prize? Or does it have more to do with exclusivity created by the nature of its limited-time availability, as Marketing Dive suggests? It could be a combination of these factors, which seems like it might very well be the case judging by viewers who watched and commented on Haddock’s clip.

“Day two of them coming out they were sold out of them where I live. Crazy. The 18th is going to be the bucket,” one user shared.

“Thank you for the serotonin in a box you provide,” another wrote.

“I know people acting like they’ve never eaten before,” a third added.

Others were more interested in the special toys that were available.

“Honestly, we just wanted the collectible toys. Now the buckets are being released. Y’all Mcdonald employees are in for it,” a user said.

Haddock also expressed to another TikToker that she was genuinely shocked to see so many people were buying the new Happy Meals.

“I really didn’t think it was gonna be that much of a blow up for them,” she wrote in a comment. “Happy meals like that because they’re like literally almost 12 bucks.”

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