Maryland Man Found Dead In His Home Surrounded By Over 100 Different Snakes, Some Venomous

A concerned neighbor looking to check on a man who hadn't been seen since the previous day was surprised at what he discovered.
The neighbor contacted police when he looked into his neighbor's home and saw him lying on the ground of his Pomfret, Maryland, home, apparently unconscious. Authorities arrived and forced their way into the home. The 49-year-old homeowner, who has not been identified by name, was pronounced dead soon thereafter.

Both neighbors and the authorities were shocked to discover over 100 snakes, both venomous and nonvenomous, situated in tanks and racks around where the man was found.

Jennifer Harris, a spokesperson for Charles County Animal Control, assured residents that there is nothing to worry about. All 125 snakes at the residence were "bagged and tagged."

"I do want to assure the community, [and] anybody living in this neighborhood, we have not seen that any of the snakes were not properly secured or could have escaped," she said.

"I know people were worried that there could be some danger to people living nearby, but at this point, we have not uncovered or determined that any of the snakes actually were not secured after this gentleman's death."

Charles County Animal Control asked for additional assistance from other reptile experts in Virginia and North Carolina. According to the office, a 14-foot Burmese python was the biggest snake in the home.

The sheriff's office had the man's body taken to the chief medical examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy. Investigators say there are no clear signs of foul play, but the death remains under investigation.

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