‘Typical Mcdonald’s Employee Not Paying Attention When Making A Drink’: Customer Says He Was Scammed When Ordering A Large Coke At Mcdonald’s

A McDonald’s customer went viral on TikTok after he claimed he was allegedly scammed out of a large drink.

In the clip, user Jacob (@foxbody_jacob) reveals the receipt for his McDonald’s order, which included a large drink.

“This is crazy. Look at that. Large Coke, right?” Jacob says, zooming in on the receipt. The camera shifts to a transparent plastic cup filled with his soda and ice as he picks it up, revealing how the cup has a sticker labeled “L” for large. However, there is one discrepancy, the drink doesn’t fill the entire cup and there is a pocket of air at the bottom of the cup.

“Large Coke but something ain’t right. There’s some investigating,” and Jacob repeats, “what is that?” while focusing on the drink, revealing a second sticker underneath labeled “M” for medium.

The video amassed over 733,000 views since it was posted on Sept. 14 with viewers offering answers as to why the drink doesn’t fill up the entire cup.

“So as a McDonald’s worker our machine sometimes will dispense cups stuck together and we can’t separate them so you get a double cup basically,” one viewer shared.

“The machine that drops the cups and fills it messed up not as big deal or a mystery,” a second agreed.

“They gave you a medium inside a large cup lmao,” a third said.

“McDonald’s employee here. it’s two cups that stuck together. not that big of a deal and we don’t get paid enough to even care to fix it,” another wrote.

Others shared their experiences on how McDonald’s constantly messes up their orders.

“You lucky even got a Coke,” one person said.

“That’s happened to me before too,” a second shared.

“I mean they all cost the same so at least you only got cheated out of your pop,” a third commented.

“aka yo ass got scammed but let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be McDonald’s if they didn’t fuck your order,” a fourth commented.

Jacob responded in the comments section, giving an update on the situation saying they replaced his drink.

“Thank you for the insider info, no hate just was baffling they gave me a new cup so it all worked out,” he wrote. “I literally showed on the receipt that I ordered a large it was more than likely just someone not paying attention when making a drink.”

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