Lady Gaga Got Down On the Floor To Help Nominee With Dress After Losing a Grammy To Her

Lady Gaga has become the MVP of awards shows recently. At both the Oscars and the Grammys, she went out of her way to help another lady, and the internet loves it. At the Oscars, she and Liza Minnelli presented an award together. At times Minnelli seemed confused and didn’t know what to say or do. Gaga took over while still showing respect for Minnelli. There was one moment when the two women whispered to each other, but the microphones still picked up what they said. Gaga leaned down to Minnelli and said, “I’ve got you.” Minnelli responded, “I know. Thank you.”
Fast forward one week later, and at the Grammys, Gaga was showing grace and humility. She and Tony Bennett were nominated for the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award, but they lost the award to SZA and Doja Cat.

Along with everyone else, Gaga stood and applauded as SZA and Doja Cat made their way to the stage. SZA walked right by Gaga, and Gaga noticed that she needed a little bit of help with train of her dress. Instead or ignoring the situation, she went out of her way to help.

SZA was using crutches to walk to the stage, and the train of her dress had gotten tangled. Gaga literally got down on the floor and straightened out her dress, only letting go of it when SZA made her way up the stairs to the stage to accept her award, ensuring that the dress would look perfect on stage.

Twitter users are loving how sweet Gaga was to SZA even though she lost an award to her.

Although Gaga and Bennett lost the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award, they did win another award. They took home the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Gaga performed two of their songs, “Do I Love You” and “Love for Sale,” but she performed them alone.

Bennett was invited to the awards show, but due to his battle with Alzheimers, he was not able to attend. Bennett’s son, Danny Bennett, explained, “Although the producers had invited both Tony and Gaga to perform in Sunday’s Grammys broadcast, it is unfortunate that due to his continuing struggle with Alzheimer’s, he was not able to accept.” He added, “It was decided that it would be fitting for Lady Gaga to perform on her own to represent for both of them.”

At the end of her performance, Gaga said, “We love you, Tony. We miss you.”

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