Kim Kardashian's Daughter North West Goes Viral After Confronting Paparazzi in Paris

Being the child of a celebrity sometimes means that you are also thrust into the spotlight. In some cases, celebrity parents go out of their way to keep their children away from the paparazzi, but other parents do less to shield them from the cameras.
Kim Kardashion’s daughter, North West, who is currently 9 years old, went on a business trip with her mom to Paris, France. They were there for her mother’s debut at Paris Fashion Week, but they also took time to see the sights together for some special mother daughter bonding time. Kardashion shared some pictures from the trip on Instagram.

What Kardashion didn’t show in the pictures was her daughter’s reaction to the paparazzi. On two separate occasions, North very clearly expressed her dislike and annoyance at the paparazzi following her and waiting for her.

On one occasion, North, her friend, Ryan Romulus, her mom, and her mom’s cousin, Cici Bussey, were leaving the restaurant, Ferdi. The paparazzi was outside waiting for them. When North existed the restaurant, she bluntly asked the paparazzi, “Why do you have to wait for us all the time?”

One of the paparazzi responded to North’s question, answering, “We love you. Because you’re so famous. We love you, North.”

Kardashian was the last one to exit the restaurant. She followed her daughter to the car and responded to the exchange with the paparazzi by saying, “Oh, Northie.”

On a separate occasion, North was sitting next to her mom at a fashion show when she decided to write something on the back of her invitation. She wrote “Stop” and held it up in front of her when the paparazzi caught her on camera.

Watch the video below to see more about North’s visit to Paris and her interactions with the paparazzi.

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