Jamie Lee Curtis Slams Trolls Who 'Want To Annihilate' Her Transgender Daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis has hit back at a cruel troll who said her transgender daughter Ruby is "still a man."
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The Halloween End star's 26-year-old daughter Ruby Guest, whom she shares with her husband Christopher Guest, came out as transgender in 2020. Since then, doting mom Jamie has done what she can to support her kid in a world that doesn't always accept her for who she is.

The 63-year-old actress has no qualms about clapping back at haters who make prejudiced comments about Ruby.

Just yesterday (October 16), Jamie responded to a troll who left an unnecessarily transphobic comment on a photo that Ruby posted on her Twitter account, featuring her, her mother, father and sister Annie.

Ruby captioned the snap: "This is a damn good picture of me."

Many of the replies were kind and supportive.

For example, one person wrote: "So true, you are adorable! i love the dress."

Another penned: "You look so comfortable."

A third said: "You look so pretty."

Unfortunately, not all the replies were positive, with a couple keyboard warriors weighing in to make comments about Ruby's gender identity.

One troll wrote: "Dress however you like. You’re still a man. Stay out of women’s single-sex public spaces."

In another tweet, they reiterated: "You’re still a man."

This is the tweet that Jamie responded to. She fittingly wrote: "And you're still an a**hole!"

Recently, Jamie opened up to Spain's Cadena SER radio network about some of the difficulties Ruby has faced since coming out as trans.

"I have a trans daughter. There are threats against her life just [for] her existence as a human being," she said.

"There are people that want to annihilate her and people like her. The level of hatred ... [It's] as if we haven't learned from fascism, [as if] we haven't learned what the result of that is: The extermination of human beings. That is terrifying."
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She went on: "So Jamie Lee Curtis is scared, and you should be too. And Jamie Lee Curtis has a voice, and she's trying to use it. And you should too."

She continued: "And that's how we change things. We think about them, we learn about them and then we use our voices to bring attention to them and fight against them."

Jamie and Christopher adopted Ruby in 1996 and their older daughter Annie in 1986.

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