‘I Used To Work There. I Can Confirm This Happens!!!’: In-N-Out Worker Shares Bizarre Customer ‘Cheeseburger’ Request

Customer service nightmares abound on social media, and after one user asked TikTokers to share the “most ridiculous thing you have ever had to explain to someone in a customer service setting,” an ex-In-N-Out worker obliged.

Sarah Davis (@sarahdavis1729) posted her response to the original video as a stitch, saying that, as a worker at In-N-Out, she “had a lot of weird customers come in and ask for weird things.”

The incident in question, Davis says, involved a woman who came into the In-N-Out location to order some food. “She asked for a cheeseburger with no cheese,” recalls Davis, who then clarified whether the customer meant “a hamburger,” which, by definition, is the same sandwich as a cheeseburger but without the dairy-based topping.

However, the woman allegedly insisted that she wanted a cheeseburger without cheese and not a hamburger. The TikToker says she tried to ring the woman up for a hamburger so that she could save the customer a few cents for the cheeseburger, but when the woman saw the ticket, she went off on Davis and made the server re-ring up the order for a cheeseburger with a note for no cheese.

After some back and forth about the definition of a hamburger vs. a cheeseburger, the woman got her food. At this point, Davis says, “She comes up to me and is very upset that her cheeseburger, no cheese, didn’t have cheese on it.” The video ends there.

Viewers resonated with the story, which received 74,900 views on TikTok. “I worked at in n out for 5 years and this happened to me more times than I can count,” one user said to anyone skeptical a customer could be so stubborn and obtuse.

“I need to know what she meant,” said another user who seemed equally confounded by the woman’s request.

Some users who also work in fast food said they would not have been as patient with the customer. “At that point I would have just charged her extra for the cheeseburger bc that’s what she asked for,” one said.

“Lol that happened to me but at McDonald’s!!!! In my head I was like whatever pay extra for the no cheese,” another claimed.

“This is sadly the millionth story I’ve heard about the Hamburger vs Cheeseburger thing so what the hell do they want?” another extremely confused user asked.

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