‘I Get Paid To Go Home For Doing Absolutely Nothing’: Amazon Flex Worker Gets Sent Home When There Aren’t Any Packages To Deliver

An Amazon Flex worker says that they “get paid to go home” when there are no available routes during their scheduled delivery block, sparking discussion about the side hustle.

In the video posted by TikToker Diana Dunham-Nelson (@ladydilove_) on Oct. 14, she shows a clip of the Amazon Flex distribution center, saying that she makes “extra money to pay off [her] debt” by working as a delivery driver.

“There’s so many people in here that I doubt there’s going to be a route for me to even do it, which is great because I get paid to go home for doing absolutely nothing,” Dunham-Nelson says in the clip.

At the end of the video, she says that there were no routes for her, showing her earnings in the app to prove that she still got paid despite not making any deliveries.

The video has reached over 420,000 views as of Tuesday, with commenters sharing their own experiences with Amazon Flex as a side hustle. Many say that they have also been sent home due to a lack of routes.

“I remember the first time this happen to me. I was heart broken because I had to pay something and was sent home just to discover I got paid!” a user shared.

“Omg yes the best. I went once for a 5hr block for $132 and got sent home. Like don’t mind if I do,” another wrote.

“Girl I got paid 124 for a block the other day, only had to deliver one package,” a third added.

However, others say their experience with delivering for Amazon Flex was not as smooth.

“Your next route is 4 hours, base pay, 45 stops, half of them are apartments without one-click access, and ur always outside the delivery area…” one commenter wrote.

“I got paid twice for just driving there and no routes available. Then Amazon got me! Next route a hour away and 58 packages, mostly apartments!” another said.

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