“Before Getting Hired They Told Me ‘Take A Break Whenever You Feel Like You Need One'”: Supervisor Tells Young Holiday Inn Express Worker They Can’t Take Break

Work can already be hard, but without a break, it can mean an onslaught of exhaustion. One TikToker learned this after their boss allegedly wouldn’t allow them a break during their nine-hour shift.

In a recent video viewed over 260,000 times, TikToker @hallway_to_somewhere shares audio of an exchange between themself and a supervisor while working at Holiday Inn Express. The supervisor asks @hallway_to_somewhere if they’re taking a break, to which @hallway_to_somewhere responds, “Yes.” The supervisor tells them they “better not” because they could get in trouble with the manager, and the supervisor will get “bitched at.”

“So you better just get up, ’cause then I’ll get bitched at, and I’ll have to come tell you,” the supervisor says. “So you got caught.”

In the video’s caption, @hallway_to_somewhere said they were working a 9am-6pm shift and that they recorded the audio six hours into their shift. They said they were only sitting down for 12 minutes when the supervisor approached them.

“Before getting hired they told me ‘take a break whenever you feel like you need one’ yet this is what happens with my supervisor when i try to take one…Those 12 minutes were the longest break ive gotten since working there. The next morning she told me she’d write me up if she caught me taking a break again,” @hallway_to_somewhere said.

“Is this how you want your employees to be treated?” the TikToker questioned, tagging Holiday Inn Express.

@hallway_to_somewhere noted they were a minor and said they were required to be given a 30 minutes break during their shift. Although, child labor laws can vary by state and federal law doesn’t require jobs to offer lunch or coffee breaks.

IHG Hotels & Resorts, which owns the brand Holiday Inn & Resorts, did not respond to a request for comment via a media inquiry form about its employee break policy.

Commenters are rallying behind @hallway_to_somewhere in support.

“I think it may be time to contact the labor board of your state,” one commenter said.

“This is so passive aggressive,” another said.

@hallway_to_somewhere said they quit their job last week but might go back “depending on my luck finding a better job.”

“I’d rather have a bad job then no job,” @hallway_to_somewhere said.

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