‘My Car Wasn’t Just Stolen. It Was Given Away’: Customer Says Sam’s Club Worker Gave Her Honda Civic Away After She Took It To Get Serviced At Auto Department

A user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming her car was stolen while it was being serviced at a Sam’s Club location.

In a video with over 2.3 million views, Tulsa, Oklahoma-based TikTok user Heather says she dropped off her car at a Sam’s Club location for service. When she went to pick it up, she says the employees suddenly couldn’t find her car or her keys.

“Nobody has answers,” she says in the initial video.

In a follow-up video, Heather offers further information about her version of events.

According to Heather, a Sam’s Club employee informed her that there was a man attempting to sell a speaker in another part of the store. He then allegedly caused a distraction by knocking some items off of shelves before making his way to the auto department.

At the auto department, Heather says he simply asked the employee at the desk for her keys. Heather claims the employee did not ask for identification or membership card before handing the keys over to the man. She notes that the car was a Honda Civic with a full tank of gas.

A spokesperson for Sam’s Club confirmed with the Daily Dot it is “cooperating with local law enforcement as they continue their investigation.”

“We take this situation seriously and are working closely with the member,” the spokesperson said.

In a video posted several hours later, Heather says the police discovered her car with minimal damage. The keys, she says, were also found in the car. Heather says she is currently in the process of sorting out insurance to resolve the issues that may have arisen from her car being stolen.

In a further video, she stresses that her situation was not a “typical car theft.”

“My car wasn’t just stolen. It was given away by a Sam’s Club employee to a white homeless man who just asked for it,” she alleges.

In the comments, users advised her to change all of her keys and seek legal recourse.


“Absolutely sue! They need to fix your car if any other damages as well! Completely Unacceptable!!!” added another. “I’m livid for you.”

In response, Heather continues to state that she is working with insurance to sort out the issue, but also hopes that the spotlight provided by TikTok will put greater pressure on Sam’s Club to do what she feels is right.

“This is just so unacceptable on every level,” she wrote. In another comment, she added, “Social media/the news you guys are the only one that is going to bring something out of nothing from this.”

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