Greta Thunberg Says She Has Never Been Drunk In Her Life

Greta Thunberg is getting candid about her everyday life as a teenager, admitting that she has thus far never been drunk.
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In an interview with The Times, the 19-year-old said: "I would never go out drinking... I would never do anything... stupid, and I don't know if that's because I'm that kind of person or if it is because I don't want to be 'seen'. I guess it could be both."

Thunberg went on to explain that the reason she's never been drunk is that she doesn't want anyone boasting that they were the first to get her to that state.

Elsewhere in the interview, she shared her concerns when it comes to dating.

"If I come up to them, you're more vulnerable. So you have people looking up to you, but you're also much more vulnerable," the three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee said.
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When asked if she had ever gotten in touch with other celebrities whose fame also began when they were a teenager, she replied no.

Thunberg explained: "It's difficult because, in one way, I feel like I'm just an activist – we know how to organise a strike, how to talk to politicians.

"But on the other hand, my position is very different [from other activists]. There are very few who have the experience of being a grassroots campaigner and also being followed by the paparazzi. Someone recently told me I am an influencer, but I don't like that."

The young climate activist, who is still studying, admitted that the subject she enjoys the least is economics because it is "this thing that we humans have made up and we now worship it."
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She is set to release her first book, The Climate Book, on October 27. It will include input from a wide range of experts including Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organisation; Saleemul Huq, director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development; Silpa Kaza from the World Bank; economist Thomas Piketty.

The plan is that all proceeds from the book will go to charity.

Thunberg, who lives on student finance, said people would be "mad" if she made money off her position as a climate activist.

She said: "I think we are more or less morally obliged to be activists, but you can't really earn a living on that. When it comes to artists or influencers, they can earn money without people being mad at them, but I can't."

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