‘Y’all Tormented My Baby. … I Want A Refund’: McDonald’s Customer Says Her Child Was Given 2 Pieces Of Fish Instead Of Chicken McNuggets

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after claiming that a Brooklyn McDonald’s gave her child two fish patties instead of a six-piece order of Chicken McNuggets.

In a video with over 215,000 views, user Katana (@katanaa.jade) calls out the Church Ave. McDonald’s, saying the restaurant gave her child two plain fish patties in a Chicken McNuggets box instead of the child’s desired order.

“Why the hell did y’all give my baby fish instead of her 6 chicken nuggets she was supposed to get?” Katana asks. “She don’t even want to eat chicken nuggets no more. … And y’all only gave her two!”

She then posted a video allegedly taken two days later in which the child complains about the incorrect order.

“You have to go to the wrong happy meal store and tell them, ‘Why you give me fish,’” the child says in the video. “I don’t want fish.”

In comments, Katana says she’s considering going back to the McDonald’s and complaining to management, noting that she refrained from doing so earlier as it was late.

She also says she complained to the company on Twitter. The company instructed her to fill out a complaint form.

In comments, users speculated as to how this may have happened.

“It was probably meant for someone else and mistakenly got put into your bag. It happens,” wrote a commenter.

“That’s bc sometimes ppl order just the patty n the kitchen makes it fast n the person canceled or changed their order n the kitchen person left it,” alleged another.

“That was his to take home he forgot it,” offered a third.

Some TikTokers took this as a sign to check their order before they leave the restaurant.

As one user wrote, “At this POINT. Always check your food before leaving.”

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