‘The Drink Literally Didn’t Have A Lid’: Doordash Customer Finds Mcdonald’s Order Soaked In Sweet Tea And Nearly Empty

In a series of viral videos, TikToker Anna Carol Williams (@annacarolwilliams) showed her followers her McDonald’s DoorDash order completely soaked by her drink.

“Can someone explain why the quality of @DoorDash has gone down to zero lately? My last five orders have had issues,” Williams said in the caption. “I’m 6 months pregnant and hungry and just needed one good thing today.”

The video has received over 774,000 views and depicts Williams walking outside to retrieve her order only to find it in bad shape.

“You guys, I literally cannot make this up,” she says. “Like, what is going on with DoorDash lately? The drink literally didn’t have a lid.”

Williams shares the inside of her bags, surrounded by flies, where one bag is almost empty except for a few fries and sauce packets, while the other is soaked in sweet tea. She goes on to show the trail of sweet tea down her driveway.

“Like what is the point?” she questions.

In the comments section, users assumed she didn’t tip enough and offered their opinions on the delivery.

“I just stopped using all the delivery services. The added cost isn’t worth the convenience,” one user said.

“It’s bc gas prices raised but doordash didn’t raise pay, customers don’t tip any more than before, so dashers think it’s not worth it but need a job,” another commented.

“I blame the ones that feel entitled to high tips before they even provide the service,” a third user said.

In a second video addressing a comment that believes there isn’t a trail of tea down the driveway, Williams provided proof via her Ring doorbell.

In the comments section, users blamed Williams for the problem.

“Well you obviously got it being delivered on camera, why not post that,” one user said.

​​”Different trail! not from that delivery!” another commented.

“Did you tip the driver good and I’m not talking a couple bucks I’m talking enough for 2 gallons of gas,” a third user said.

In direct response to the user asking for the full Ring video of the delivery, Williams posted the footage in an effort to defend herself.

“Y’all I don’t know how I can be more clear. He delivered it to me with the drink completely laying flat and leaking in the bag,” she said in the caption. “Yes, the bag is opened in the previous video but that’s literally what it looked like when I opened it.”

“Everything was soaked and soggy. McDonald’s should have packaged it better and he shouldn’t have delivered leaky items,” she continued.

In the comments, viewers then blamed McDonald’s for its delivery packaging.

In a third and final video, Williams clarified other facts about the whole delivery drama.

“This situation is probably the dumbest thing I’ll ever acknowledge on the internet,” she says. “But I wanted to address some of the most common comments I’m getting.”

Williams further explains that she tipped $4 for the $17 order from a McDonald’s 1.6 miles away. In response to those calling her lazy, she adds that she ordered from DoorDash because she’s almost 7 months pregnant, works from home, and has a toddler.

“I paid for a service. I tipped. I just want my food here, that’s it,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be outstanding service.”

She notes that she did open the bag and was able to salvage the fries from getting wet, and reached out to two DoorDash representatives who told her they could not do a re-delivery and refund.

“I was just trying to call out DoorDash, not necessarily the driver,” she clarifies. “McDonald’s is definitely at fault because they didn’t even put a drink carrier in the bag like they’re supposed to.”

In regards to the flies, Williams said she lives in South Texas and that’s normal when bringing food outside. DoorDash ended up refunding her $10.

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