‘It’s Not F*cking Cute And Quirky Anymore Guys Go Home’: Denny’s Worker Pleads With Regulars Who Come In During Rush

A Denny’s server’s plea for regular diners to eat dinner at home during rushes is resonating with current and former servers.

In the video that has been viewed more than 274,000 times, TikToker @madisonhope888 makes the plea in the text overlay.

“Having regulars is all fun and games until (you’re) slammed beyond capacity at midnight on a Saturday and it’s not fucking cute and quirky anymore guys go home,” it reads. “You’re like 50 years old, I know you know how to make chicken, go home and make yourself dinner, just for one night. Just try it. Pls. I’m fucking begging you.”

Some commenters shared similar experiences with customers who eat at their restaurants often and expect a certain level of service because of their familiarity. “God forbid you don’t roll out the red carpet and get them their ‘usual table’ and have a bunch of time to chat,” one commenter sarcastically wrote in what became the top comment on the video with over 1,444 likes.

Others shared positive experiences with their regular diners, claiming they are the most “chill” and “considerate” customers. One apparent server said they know they will be getting a “good tip” from their regulars, adding that, on top of a good tip, “They’re going to be my easiest table.”

“The one regular we like comes back at a different time if he walks in and we’re really busy, so easy so considerate,” another said.

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