Dad Gets In Heated Argument With Woman While Changing His Baby's Diaper in the Ladies' Room

If you’re a parent, you probably remember the days when your kids were in diapers. Perhaps you’re in that phase right now. Babies and young toddler who aren’t potty trained do their business in their diaper or pullup, and when they go, they need to be changed right away, especially if it’s number 2. If you happen to be out somewhere when your baby stinks up their diaper, you have to find a place to change the diaper. Many stores, restaurants and even theme parks make sure to provide changing tables for times like this. If you’re a woman, you probably notice a changing table in just about every public restroom you ever enter. Sometimes it’s located near the sinks. Sometimes it’s located in a larger stall. Sometimes there’s a separate family restroom.

If you’re a dad, your experience might be a little bit different. Sometimes the women’s restroom has a changing table in it but the men’s restroom does not.

One dad shared his experience with restrooms and changing tables on Reddit. He explained that he “was at a large store yesterday with my 5mo son when he did what babies do.” He immediately took his baby to the restroom. There was a restroom for men and another one for women. There was not a family restroom.

He went in the men’s restroom and discovered that “there was a cubicle and a few urinals, but no changing table. The sink didn’t have a counter either.” He didn’t have anywhere to change his baby’s diaper, so he found a store employee to ask for help. The employee assured him that there was a changing table in the restroom and escorted him back to the same restroom he had just come from. He went inside again to double check. Nope. No changing table.

He knew he needed to change his baby’s diaper, and the only other thing he could think to do was to check the women’s room. He explained, “I give up and head into the lady’s room which sure enough had a changing table.” The ladies’ room did in fact have a changing table inside.

When he first entered the ladies’ room, there was a woman washing her hands. The dad quickly explained that he was only there to change his baby’s diaper since the men’s room didn’t have a changing table. She finished washing her hands and left. The dad tired to change his baby’s diaper quickly “hoping to be done before anyone else walked in.”

Before he was done, another woman walked in and freaked out. She screamed, “Get out! You can’t be here!” Then she left the bathroom. When the dad left the bathroom with his baby, he “saw the woman talking to an employee and decided to leave without my stuff. The employee tried to wave me down and stop me, but I rushed out to my car, buckled my son into his carseat and left.”

The dad turned to Reddit to try to figure out if he did the right thing or not. He said his mom called him “an idiot,” but his wife said he was in the right. Redditors overwhelmingly sided with the dad saying that the store was the one that messed up by not putting a changing table in the men’s restroom. One comment reads, “That store is 100% to blame for this. I wouldn’t be shocked if they’ve received complaints about this in the past and haven’t done anything about it.”

Another Redditor thinks the only thing the dad did wrong was leaving the store so quickly. The comment reads, “If anything you did wrong by rushing out as if you did something wrong. You should have told the employee that there’s no changing room in the men’s and that they should do something about that.”

What would you do if you needed to change your baby’s diaper but there wasn’t a changing table in the bathroom? Do you think this dad made the right decision to change his baby’s diaper in the women’s restroom?

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