‘And They Still Underpay You’: Cold Stone Creamery Workers Claim To Show Up To Jobs On Days Off—Because They’re The Only ‘Reliable’ Employees

In a viral video with over 1.3 million views, TikToker Kaity (@kittyswagkat) and another Cold Stone Creamery employee claim that they single-handedly keep their local ice cream store open.

“When you’re the only two reliable workers so you show up on your days off to keep this place from crumbling to pieces,” the overlay text on the video said.

The girls walked in with their red aprons on and made faces at the camera. Audio of Drake’s “Papi’s Home” sounds in the background, featuring the lyrics, “Don’t worry, daddy’s home.”

In the comments section, some users argued that the extra hours aren’t worth it, while others shared their experiences with the ice cream company.

“Don’t do it, take your days off cause money ain’t worth it,” one user suggested. Kaity responded, saying, “Money is worth everything. I love money.”

“Or you come back and the freezer is 4 days behind schedule, 14 cakes need to be made and you have to stir the caramel,” another user commented.

“And they still under pay you,” a third user wrote.

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