Christopher Reeve’s Son Is All Grown Up and He Clearly Inherited His Father’s Good Looks

If you came up with the generation that saw Christopher Reeve shoot to fame as Superman, then you’ll remember how the actor won audiences over with his performance and good looks.
Nearly forty years ago, Reeve solidified his fanbase when he first brought the legendary superhero to life on screen. After an accident in 1995 left him paralyzed from the neck down, he continued to work as a writer, actor, and philanthropist, as his fans stuck with him.

Christopher Reeve had a personal life filled with love, which included three children: Matthew and Alexandra with Gae Exton, and youngest son, Will, with wife Dana. All three have kept his legacy alive through their work with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

But it’s Will who’s been capturing much attention lately for how much he resembles his late father. Last month, the 25-year-old was on hand at the foundation’s “A Magical Evening” gala. The fundraising event helps to raise money for the work the organization does for those living with paralysis.

Will was only a toddler when his father became paralyzed following an equestrian accident. He grew up having a tight bond with his dad that included a love for sports. Sadly, he was 11 years old at the time of Christopher’s death in 2004.

Less than two years later, Will lost his mom, Dana, to lung cancer. Before her passing, she made arrangements for him live with family friends in the town he was raised in. Despite the losses he’s endured, Will is doing quite well.

He earned an internship with Good Morning America, graduated from college, and now works for ESPN’s SportsCenter. Seems like writing and reporting were in his blood just like a famous superhero’s alter-ego, Clark Kent.

Besides inheriting his father’s (and mom’s) features, Will has also inherited his parents’ humanitarian spirit. In 2016, he ran his first NY marathon to raise money for their charity. With the help of others on Team Reeve, he finished the race and went over the goal of $35,000.

He credited his ability to run to the foundation’s mission, as well as it being an opportunity to honor his parents. In an interview with Today, he spoke about how dedicated they were to helping others:

“Their passion for everything is what made them so special. They deeply cared about making a difference in the world in any context. It was a really special experience to grow up in a house with them setting that example. I try to carry on their legacy every day by just doing what I was taught.”

As for the comparisons to his father Christopher in the looks department, Will takes it as a compliment. He also told Today:

“My parents were beautiful people on the inside, so if I can resemble them that way, I certainly appreciate the comparison.”

Watch this video from People to see Will and learn more the Reeve Foundation’s work throughout the world. It looks like they’re all super people!

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