‘Please Enter Lower Amount’: Chili’s Kiosk Refuses To Let Customer Tip More Than $12, Sparking Debate

A user on TikTok has gone viral after alleging that a Chili’s restaurant capped their tip amount.

After sitting for dinner at the restaurant, TikTok user @thatdumbdiver opted to stay for drinks. When they got their bill for the drinks, they tried to tip $12 for both the meal and the drinks.

Unfortunately, they were soon greeted with an error message.

“Amount entered is over the maximum allowed limit, please enter lower amount,” the screen reads.

“To anyone working at Chili’s just know they limit what people are allowed to tip you,” warns @thatdumbdiver in the text overlaying the video.

“Not sure if this is at every chili’s but it should be looked in to,” @thatdumbdiver adds in the caption. “It cost my server some money today since I didn’t have cash.”

The video currently has over 319,000 views.

In the comments section, users speculated as to why this limit is put in place.

“If the tip is more than what you ordered it needs a managers approval,” wrote one user. “that is any restaurant.”

“That’s actually the banks. They get a pre authorization of 30% above check. Any more than that and it will be declined,” claimed another. CardFellow claims the true pre-authorization is lower, capped at just 20%, though some cards put methods in place to circumvent the limit.

“They probably had charge-back problems,” offered a third.

Others advised simply tipping in cash to avoid the issue altogether. @thatdumbdiver responded saying he would have if he could; he simply didn’t have the money in cash at the time.

Thankfully, other users and Chili’s fans in comments claimed that this problem seemed localized to @thatdumbdiver’s area.

“Not the chilis I work at,” stated two commenters.

In a TikTok exchange with Daily Dot, @thatdumbdiver shared that the restaurant was located in Louisiana.

“I’m honestly not sure if it’s a common issue,” he said. “The server had no idea about it and told his manager.”

As for why he posted the video, the reason is simple. “I just wanted people to be aware so nobody lost money because of it,” he said.

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