‘American Healthcare Is A F*cking Joke’: Uninsured Woman Says She Was Charged $400 After Someone Called 911 When She Fainted

A TikToker has called out her experience with the American healthcare system in a new TikTok. In the video, which was posted on Oct. 7, the user shows a $399.00 bill she received for emergency medical services.

“American healthcare is a fucking joke,” she starts off in the clip. “Like, it’s actually a fucking scam.”

User Anne Lee (@annxetime) explains that she briefly fainted in public, which led to someone calling 911. Despite repeating that she was fine and didn’t have medical insurance, she explains how the EMTs insisted for her to go with them and run medical tests, claiming she wouldn’t have to pay for it.

“Tell me why they fucking send me this bill, for me sitting down at the back of their fire truck and getting my finger pricked for like, a tiny tiny blood sample that just gives you my vitals,” she continues in the clip. “That’s literally all they fucking did for $400, for a prick. Are you fucking kidding me?”

“It was literally, like, three minutes and all my vitals were good,” she added via on-screen text. “I only said yes because they said I didn’t have to pay.”

In the video’s description, the TikToker also wrote that “they kept trying to make me take a ride on the ambulance like that shit isn’t $4000.”

In the comments section, users encouraged the TikToker to dispute the charge, saying that she had reasonable grounds to.

“This is a common thing with EMS [emergency medical services], it is one above a scam,” one commenter claimed. “DONT PAY IT. They literally can’t make you and you already denied services.”

“Fight it,” a second commenter added. “If you refused service, it is now a provider responsibility for performing the procedure.”

A third commenter suggested that the TikToker ask for an itemized breakdown of each individual charge. “Most times, the bill will drop dramatically because they try charging $38 for a bandaid,” they explained.

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