‘I Left My Call Center Job During Lunch And Never Came Back’: Verbally Abusive Customer Calls Call Center Worker ’10 Times Back To Back’

A TikToker showed the reality of her job as a call center worker after being told she’d make “good money.”

In a clip with over 1 million views, TikTok user Samone (@treazuresamone) shares both her expectations for the job and the reality of what it’s really like dealing with angry customers all day.

The first half of the video shows Samone, with overlay text reading: “Get a call center job, they make good money.”

In the second half, an angry caller yells at Samone, calling her a “bitch” and saying he’ll “call [her] all fucking day long.”

The video also claims the caller reached out to Samone “10 times back to back.”

Abuse of customer service employees is rampant. According to a report cited earlier in the year by USA Today, 81% of call center workers say they’ve dealt with verbal abuse while on the job, and “36% have experienced violent threats.”

Treatment is worse for female call center employees, with “21% of female employees and 9% of their male counterparts [saying] they have been sexually harassed by customers.”

In the comments section, users shared their experiences from working in a call center.

“I left my call center job during lunch and never came back,” claimed one user.

“Working a call center job has made me so dead inside,” added another. “The customer is ALWAYS wrong.”

“Working call center has broken me mentally and I’m on the verge of quitting my current job,” shared a third.

“Call center was the only job i quit with no notice,” echoed a further TikToker. “Its good money but not good enough to put up with all that.”

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