‘You Never Know What Others Are Going Through’: Distressed Burger King Worker Quits On The Spot After Interaction With Customer, Sparking Debate

TikToker @kingmade_nuk26 went viral on the popular social media platform after uploading a video of a Burger King employee seemingly quitting their job. Many viewers who saw the clip stated that they felt for the food service worker, stating that it appeared like she was going through some emotional stress that may or may not have been directly related to the job or her interaction with the customer.

The TikTok user, who often reposts viral videos on their account, writes in a caption for the video: “I just want everybody to know about the Burger King on Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park took two chicken sandwiches back because they were fried twice and this is the way the manager acted…”

In a text overlay for the video, the creator wrote: “She quit her job because I ask for my money back.” In the clip, we see the employee become frustrated and “nope” out of her job on the spot. It is unclear where the video originated, though this TikToker’s clip has been viewed over 1 million times.

In the video, we see the woman at the register punching in numbers.

“Are you happy now?” She asks, her voice trembling. She looks out at someone past the counter and asks again: “Are you happy? You see how upset I am…coming in here being nasty to me. Oh my God here, take seven dollars…here you know what I don’t even care just take it all.” She slams the cash on the counter. “Take it the fuck all.” She starts putting the coins on the counter.

“Good language, good language,” the person filming says off-camera.

“I quit, I quit lady,” the employee says. “I am done I hope you’re happy lady.”

“I am. I am…I am recording it” the woman documenting the encounter shouts as the employee hollers and exits the store.

The worker then yells that she’s going to walk into traffic, shouting as she heads out of the store, rips her Burger King employee shirt off and heads towards a busy road. The customer recording says, “Go ahead, go ahead.”

TikTokers expressed sympathy for the employee, stating that they’ve had more than a few awful encounters while working in the food service industry and dealing with difficult customers.

“Dang.. I hope she’s ok,” a top comment read.

“I work in customer service and I understand people are so mean,” another added.

“The fact the person recording didn’t care ts breaks my heart man,” one person shared.

“I hope she made it home safe,” another stated.

One pointed out that many customer-facing workers have been dealing with this abuse from customers even more after the pandemic.

“Ever since pandemic happens, retail and fastfood worker getting verbal abuse more offen than ever,” they wrote.

“People just be kind you don’t know what people are going through man,” one user said.

“It’s sad when she said i am when she ask are you happy now. You never know what other’s are going through. Kindness and understanding goes a long way,” another echoed.

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