Bride Wants To Know If She's the Jerk For Not Wanting Her Future Stepson At Her Wedding

There are lots of brides who turn into bridezillas, demanding unreasonable things from their guests, wedding party and even husband-to-be. They do and say things that sound ridiculous, but they seem to feel like it’s alright to make these unreasonable requests simply because they are the bride and the day should be all about them.
We know lots of little girls dream of their wedding day, but a wedding is about two people. The groom should have a say too, especially on decisions that are very important to him.

One bride shared on Reddit that she and her fiancee are “pretty much in agreement over most of the wedding planning except this one thing.” The one thing they disagree on is whether or not to have a child free wedding.

The bride goes on to share that she wants a child free wedding because “I do not want babies and little ones screaming, crying, or running around during our ceremony and reception.”

However, the groom wants kids at the wedding, and there is one child in particular who he really wants at his wedding – his son. The bride explained, “My Fiance however said that he wants his 11 year old son and his 4 year old niece to be apart of the day and be in the pictures and what not.”

The bride is especially concerned that if her soon to be stepson is at the wedding her fiancee will give him too much attention. She continued, “He says he will try and prioritize me but I know how it will go. My soon to be stepson will whine and literally cry until he gets the attention.”

The bride asked Reddit users to weigh in on whether or not the wedding should be child free, and pretty much everyone thinks the bride is an evil stepmother for not wanting her soon to be stepson at the wedding.

One Reddit user wrote, “As someone who wasn’t invited to my dad’s wedding as a kid because his wife didn’t like me and my sister, I can confirm that this shit hurts. If this is real OP is literally an evil stepmother.”

Another comment reads, “I don’t care if you don’t want kids at the wedding or at any point. Hell, I have none. But this is his son. Your future stepson. And kids at a wedding isn’t an all or nothing thing. Your future husband and you get to set the rules. If he wants the two kids there, let the two kids come and say no to the others.”

Do you think the bride is out of line for wanting to exclude her soon to be stepson from the wedding?

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