‘I’m Glad You Even Saw Her’: Bartender Cusses Out Customer Who Grabbed Cherries From Bar Fruit Tray

A bartender caught—and subsequently cussed out—a customer who grabbed cherries with her hands from the bar’s fruit tray.

In a video with over 256,000 views, TikTok user The Badass Bartender (@the.badass.bartender) shows the interaction, starting with her catching the cherry-taker in action and ending with her throwing out the cherries.

“My first official live and this happens!” she wrote in the caption. She added in the overlay text: “I turn to see a lady scooping my dark cherries with her BARE hands.”

At first, many pointed out the cherries are Luxardo cherries, which retail for a higher price point than other cherries, making the fact that The Badass Bartender had to throw them all away even worse.

“Luxardo cherries? Those are basically $1 each retail,” one user wrote.

“Not the luxardos,” another added. In response, The Badass Bartender wrote, “I was pisssssseeeeddddd!!!!!!”

Soon, the comments turned to focusing on her handling of the situation, which many users commended.

“Handled it like an absolute queen,” shared a commenter. “Wish I could say this to ppl who stick their hands over the counter at starbucks.”

“People have no common sense.. and I’m glad you even saw her,” stated a second.

“She didn’t see me turn around so she looked like a kid who just got her hand caught in the cookie jar,” The Badass Bartender explained in a further comment. “Dead silent.”

Other commenters shared similar stories from their time in bars.

“2 grown men came up to our bar and flipped our bar fruit tray around and started going at it like a buffet just last night!!!! Unbelievable?!!!” recounted a user.

“Ugh! My worst nightmare! The other night some guy licked his finger and stuck it [in] The sugar rim,” claimed another.

“The other day i had some lady eat an orange…from my fruit bowl. She said ‘why are they on the bar then’ after i confronted her,” alleged an additional TikToker. “Some people.”

Seeing interactions like these have put some users on TikTok from getting garnishes in their drink at all.

One user wrote, “This is why I never get garnishes on drinks… I used to be a bartender – you catch 1% of the ppl.”

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