‘This Is Not For People Making Less Than 100k’: Amazon Fresh Customer Calls Out Store’s Delayed Digital Billing

Lauren Singleton, a viral TikTok creator, says she can’t recommend Amazon Fresh due to the store’s late billing.

Singleton (@laurensingleton5) recently posted a video sharing her experience shopping at Amazon Fresh. The company, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a grocery retailer with both physical stores and delivery services.

In her video, Singleton says customers scan their groceries as they shop at Amazon Fresh. Then they “just walk out” of the store without going through a cashier because scanning serves as a checkout.

“We were kind of confused because we were like ‘so, how much money did we just spend?'” the TikToker says in her video.

Singleton adds that she was confused about how the scanning system worked and worried that her groceries might be tallied incorrectly. There was no way for her to check her expenses until two hours later when she got a digital receipt, she says.

“This is not for people making less than 100k,” the video’s on-screen text reads. In the caption, Singleton wrote, “I went shopping at an #amazonfresh store and didn’t know how much i spent until 2 hours later. 2/10 recommend.”

Some viewers commented in agreement with the TikToker, saying they need to know how much they’re spending on groceries right away.

“Yeh this for the rich folk I need to know how much I spend right there,” one viewer commented.

“Does no one else keep a running tally in their head for how much they spend as they pick items up? Maybe I’m just on a budget,” another viewer commented.

Other viewers shared their own experiences shopping at Amazon Fresh. The overriding sentiment seemed that shoppers were getting their receipts way too late.

“Yeah I don’t recommend either. I bought milk, cookies and trash bags and I got a 75 dollar bill 2 hours later,” one user said.

“I absolutely hated the amazon fresh store! It took then 5 hours to give a receipt 😬,” a second user wrote.

A third commented, “I literally took 48 hours to get my receipt lol.”

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