‘Be Safe Y’all’: Customer Says She Almost Got Sent To Jail Because Of Walmart Self-Checkout

Walmart’s supposed rollout of new self-checkout technology has customers on high alert, as evidenced by one recent TikTok video in which a woman says she almost went to jail because of a store’s new upgrades.

TikToker @brianathebreeder posted a video of herself walking through the Walmart parking lot with her purchases with the caption: “walmart is not green no more…almost went to jail bc of the new self checkout update.” She further captioned the video, which was viewed more than 300,000 times, saying, “lmaoo [they] showed me not scanning & all…be safe y’all.”

It wasn’t clear what Walmart location @brianathebreeder is highlighting in her video.

Finessing Walmart’s self-checkout system has gotten people in trouble with the law before. For example, one Texas woman was recently arrested after attempting to scan fake barcodes in the self-checkout line, according to WREG.

The woman allegedly used a barcode that charged items for 25 cents but owed over $100 dollars for the items she attempted to take with her. As she made her way out of the store, she was followed by loss prevention officers, and police later arrived at the store, according to CBS 4 News in the Rio Grande Valley. Her bond was reportedly later set at $3,000.

According to Walmart, its asset protection specialists “provide security in our stores, at distribution centers, and at corporate facilities. More than that, Asset Protection teams ensure compliance and prevent shrink,” or losses from theft or fraud.

Recently, TikTok videos circulated of what appears to be new technology at Walmart’s self-checkout counters, which includes bigger screens and greater surveillance via security cameras.

“They started doing that before the pandemic around my area, I do NOT go there anymore,” one commenter said on @brianathebreeder’s video.

“So glad I live in a small town. We got about 5 years before they get us,” another commenter said.

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