After Family Is Called 'Lazy' And 'Poor' Over Makeshift Pool, Stranger Shows Up With Real One

In 2016, a series of photos circulated on Facebook showing three little kids trying to make do with what they had on a hot summer day.
The children from San Antonio, Texas, were using the back of a pickup truck, which was lined with a big blue tarp, as a makeshift swimming pool.

Unfortunately, images of the DIY pool sparked a ton of nasty comments. The three kids, and their parents, were mocked online for not being able to afford an actual kiddie pool.

While strangers had a good time ridiculing the family, calling them names like "lazy" and "poor," one local man named Todd Arredondo didn't see anything funny about it.

Todd, the owner of an urban mining company, didn't grow up with a lot of money. He always wanted to get to a point in life where he could help others, and seeing the photo of the children's truck pool brought back a memory. When Todd was a little boy, he remembers a stranger made his day by buying him a water balloon when his own family couldn't afford one. It was such a simple gesture, but one that left a mark.
Pools for Kids 2019

After Internet trolls mocked a family’s makeshift pool, this guy started buying real pools for kids in need. Visit Pools for Kids by Todd Arredondo's GoFundMe:

Posted by GoFundMe on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fed up with the insensitive comments, Todd tracked down the family's contact information and showed up at their home with an incredible hand delivery.

And the kindhearted Texas man didn't stop there ... not by a long shot.

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