Adult Star Adriana Chechik Shares Update After Breaking Her Back In Foam Pit

Adult star Adrianna Chechik has updated fans on her condition following an agonizing injury.
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The popular twitch streamer made headlines earlier this month when she broke her back in a terrifying freak accident.

Checkik was attending the TwitchCon event in San Diego last weekend (Saturday 8 October), when she jumped into a foam pit and broke her back in two places.
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Footage of the moment shows her and gaming streamer EdyBot having a foam sword fight. EdyBot falls into the foam pit, making Chechik the victor. In celebration, she jumps into the air, does the splits, and lands in the foam.

However, rather than a soft cushioned landing, the 30-year-old hits the hard floor - landing directly on her tailbone. Chechik instantly begins writhing around in pain, shouting that she "can't get up" as people rush to help.

Watch the terrifying moment here:

The following day, Chechik took to Twitter to reveal the extent of her accident.

"Well, I broke my back in two places and am getting surgery to put a meter rod in for support today," she wrote, adding: "Send your support. When it rains it pours and I am definitely feeling the rain right now."

Watch the clip here:

On Friday, Chechik again updated followers on her condition, sharing a video of herself standing up and walking with the help of several doctors and nurses.

"Today was so hard, I WALKED," the performer wrote, adding: "I passed out after I brushed my teeth and had to be carried back but baby got her dancing shoes. It was so exhausting I have slept all day since."

Earlier this week, Chechik gave a more in-depth description of her recovery process on Instagram. Alongside a snap of herself in hospital, the star wrote: "I got a sponge bath today and my hair washed."

"Not being able to move or do anything for myself is so difficult. I’m so thankful to the nursing staff. I never thought I would ever be immobile," she continued.
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"Yesterday I sat up and then spent the rest of my day in hysterics and pain. The realization of how much pain you have to push through set in," she added, before asking fans to keep her in their prayers.

We wish Checkik the very best in her continued recovery.

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