Mum Fears People Will Mock Her After Accidentally Naming Twins After TV Characters

One mom has revealed that she regrets accidentally naming her newborn twins after fictional TV show characters and is even considering changing them.
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The anonymous mom of two explained that when her babies were six months old, their names hadn't been officially registered yet.

She shared on NetMums that she felt "rushed" into deciding names for her twins as she had been taking Tramadol after giving birth.

Therefore, as a result of the prescribed strong painkillers, the mother ended up naming her newborns after a sibling duo from a popular British book and cartoon series - Charlie and Lola.
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Writing anonymously on the forum, the parent explained that while she liked the names, she feels uneasy introducing her twins to someone because of the connection to the fictional characters.

"I needed some advice, I have twins which I named Charlie (boy) and Lola," she said. "Don't get me wrong I love both the names but I feel like I made the wrong decision and I always get awkward reactions when people ask."

"I had doubts originally when I first had them as I had been on Tramadol for days and felt like I may have rushed the decision," she continued. "I am due to go and register them soon and am feeling under pressure to make a decision by then.

"If I do change a name it will be from Lola to Lila, so only one letter different and not too confusing for anyone, including the baby," she added.

The concerned mom also further explained in the comments section that she worries that people will mock her and her babies for their names.

"I am worried about them being laughed at because of the program 'Charlie and Lola,'" she said. "My partner thinks I'm being ridiculous but I'm the one who spends more time with other parents and children and I always dread people's reactions when they ask their names."
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Many social media users were quick to reassure the worried parent that she could choose whatever name she wants for her children and that she shouldn't care about what others think.

One Facebook user wrote: "Aw no keep them they are lovely names and so what if they are named after a cartoon who cares!"

Another user said: "The fictional Charlie and Lola are lovely. Charlie is a great big brother. Lola is adorable with her pink milk. She is also very creative. They are great characters and adorable names."

A third user joked: "Nothing wrong with [their] names they are lovely. I’m a twin and my mum named us Thomas and Jeremy. All through school we were known as Tom and Jerry."

A fourth shared: "By the time they’re in school, the tv show may be gone and no one will notice. My parents didn’t use the name they wanted for my brother because of a newspaper cartoon, and as we grew up, the cartoon was no longer around and we had never heard of it."
To be honest, choosing a name for your baby is a very challenging decision for any parent to make. Especially if you’re welcoming twins - as deciding on two names at once is an even bigger task.

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