Man Brutally Turned Down After Proposing To Girlfriend In Front Of Thousands On Kiss Cam At Hockey Game

A hockey fan took a major loss last week when his girlfriend refused his very public marriage proposal.
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Worse still, it didn't take long for videos of the embarrassing moment to go viral on Twitter.

In a clip of the unsuccessful proposal, the unidentified man can be seen stripping his shirt off and getting down on one knee in a packed stadium.
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According to the Daily Mail, the awkward moment took place during the opening night of the New York Islanders' NHL season vs. the Florida Panthers - meaning it happened in front of over 17,000 fans.

With the words "Plz say yes yes yes" written across his chest, the man stepped out into the aisle and got down on one knee, holding out a ring to his girlfriend who was sitting in the stalls.

Watch the awkward moment here:

In the video, fans can be heard chanting "just say no" to the woman. However, despite their encouragement, it looks like the woman might be about to accept when she bends down to talk to her boyfriend.

But it soon becomes apparent from the look on his face that the emotional exchange is not going to plan.

As the man's expression turns sour, his girlfriend suddenly stands up and runs off. Looking stunned and defeated, the man returns to his seat and takes a swig of his beer.
UBS Arena where the failed proposal took place. Credit: REUTERS / Alamy
While the noise in the stadium makes it hard to know exactly what the couple said to each other in the disastrous proposal, people who witnessed the moment have taken to Twitter to give their version of events.

NHL commentator Dan Posen explained what happened from his perspective, writing: "Kiss cam time and a guy takes off his shirt and written on his chest is 'PLZ SAY YES YES YES.' He gets down on one knee and proposes. Camera cuts away. But I could see them from the press box. The girl got up and left. She flat out left. And the Panthers scored."

"Can't make it up," Posen added.

Another spectator shared a close up angle of the moment and explained what they'd seen and heard.

"She said no! No! No! I felt so bad ... he was sitting there shirtless for 2 min tearing up," he wrote, adding: "For all those saying it was fake, I was there and it was most certainly not fake."

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