‘It Not The Same Anymore Without The OGs’: Worker Shares What It’s Like To See All Your Co-workers Leave For New Jobs

TikToker Kam Starr (@realkamstarr) received over a million views on a video that showed what it can look like when co-workers leave for different jobs and you end up being one of the last workers from the original work crew.

In the overlay text, Kam wrote: “when your old coworkers leave due to finding a new job and other opportunities. And you’re one of the last ones from the older group.”

“Hits different when your coworkers leave,” he added in the caption.

Bonding with co-workers on any job and having to say goodbye due to other opportunities is a feeling that a lot of people can relate to.

In the comments section, many were familiar with the bittersweet sentiment.

“The new crew can never live up to the OG crew,” one user said.

Kam replied, “Facts, like they can’t ever compete against the OG crew.”

“Facts, they’re like family because you see these people daily,” another user wrote.

Starr responded to the comment by saying, “Facts, and that’s what I couldn’t wait to do every time I went into work. Like, everyday was going to be a good day because they were there.”

Although the separation of a close-knit crew can be hard, Kam did share in the comment section that he doesn’t work at his old job anymore.

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