‘Technical Difficulties’: Remote Worker Says Manager Sent Him A Surprise Meeting Invite — He’s Secretly On A Plane

A TikToker has gone viral for posting the most relatable work-from-home content.

TikToker (@mrbrotein) is self-described as “The Wolf of WFH” and recently shared a TikTok video revealing his relatable but funny situation where his manager invited him to a work meeting. As of Saturday, the video garnered about 2.4 million views.

In the video, the TikToker is seen getting comfortable, with a neck pillow in place, inside an airplane. The video pans to show that the airplane is about to take off, and the TikToker looks guilty.

“When you’re working from home and your manager invites you to a meeting in 30 minutes,” the video’s on-screen text reads.

“Wifi problems,” the TikToker jokes in the caption.

But the TikToker isn’t the only one taking advantage of his “work from home” flexibility. Multiple viewers commented saying how relatable the situation is these days.

“Who would have thought 5 years ago that this would be relatable,” one viewer commented.

“This happened to me on the way to Hawaii so i didnt answer and it turns out they were laying me off in two weeks. lol,” a second viewer commented.

Even LinkedIn’s official UK account chimed in, writing, “2022 corporate stress.”

Other viewers volunteered suggestions for how the TikToker can get out of the meeting — or successfully hide his getaway.

“INTERNET IS DOWN. I’m traveling to a new location,” one user said.

“This is why you always fill in your calendar with a few random length meetings during your flights,” another user advised.

Another viewer wrote, “Always take personal or sick days on the flight days!”

Someone else said, “Text your boss right now, say you have 2% battery left and there is a power outage in your area.”

Other users suggested that the TikToker use a green screen to hide his location during the meeting or to make up an excuse to leave his camera off. They also suggested using noise-canceling headphones during the call.

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